Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Dedication

On April 10, 2010 my hubby and I had our boys dedicated. Everyone always asks what that is and it basically is a ceremony that holds my hubs and I accountable for raising our kids in a Godly way. (That is the very short version of it). We had carefully chose two families to be Godparents. Each would serve different meanings. We chose Scott & Mish (Scott is my cousin and Mish is his wife and my BFF) and then we chose Aaron's sister Crystal and her hubby Cameron. We could not have chose better people to support us in this journey. Both couples give us so much guidance and we are super confident that they will support our kids. After the dedication we had a ton of people over to celebrate. Our good friend Heather made two AMAZING cakes for us. Not only were they decorated to the tee, they were sooo tasty! Dylan's was Dulce de Leche and Brayden's was Berry! Get it....D gets D and B gets B??!! =) My mama made some AMAZING rigatoni with italian sausage too! So many people chipped in to help make the party a success. Thank you to everyone who helped out!


Shelly said...

These pictures are AMAZING and I am sure the day was fantastic. Your boys are gorgeous and I want to eat their cheeks. We need to get our boys together when you are here sometime.

Michelene said...

It was a great day and such an honor to be a part of. My big mouth is always going to give "loving" guidance. Thank goodness, I am not full of advice. LOL. Okay, next post is about the journey you are starting the 1st. We need to do a before and after photo. I want a motivational post about why you are changing your lifestyle, i.e. exercise. Let's go. Time for skinny jeans and stilettos.