Monday, November 2, 2009

Prego Pug

Check out how fat she got and how big her chi chi's are!!

Some of you may know our Pug, Leila is pregnant too. Her due date is November 5 and she is ready to pop! My mom's Pug, Barnard, is the father! (No it was not planned!!) It just so happened that Barnard was in town when Leila was in heat. (She only goes into heat twice a year by the way!) I am nervous that she is going to go into labor while I am at a doctor appointment or something! I pray she has a safe delivery and that she doesn't require a C-section. (That will cost over $1600 and we just do NOT have the money right now!)

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--M said...

Brit your pug is soo cute!! I am a huge pug lover, so if you wanna give one of your puppies a good home I'm your gal! I think its so cute that you two are prego together! Hahaha!