Friday, April 10, 2009

Moving On!

Yesterday I quit my job and walked out. I have been at the same company for over 2 years and yesterday I broke. I dont want to go into the long story of why, but lets just say that I was sick and tired of being belittled and put down my management. Now that it is over and done with, I am receiving calls and statements from management telling me I walked out for no reason and that nothing was ever done to insult me. They are basically acting like I am crazy. It kind of pisses me off because we all know how todays economy is. We all know from my previous blog posts that my husband is not consistantly working and that money is tight for us right now. So does it make sense that I would just walk out for no particular reason? I have never in my life quit a job like I did yesterday. I just wish for some reason that the owners would understand my view and my take on things. I feel relieved yet guilty at the same time. Relieved because I am finally out of the hell hole that I dreaded going to every single day for the past two years, and guilty because I chose my well being and my happiness over providing for my family. I am torn and I have been crying. I just wish that I knew what I did was ok. Has anyone ever felt so depressed over their job but stayed because it paid the bills?

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RMC said...

Three years ago Richard did the same thing. I am going to tell you the same thing that I told him. (Don't get mad. I am honest because Ilove you)

You can't do that. Especially with the economy how it is. A lot of people hate their job. A lot of people put up with a lot if shit everyday. But until you are the boss, that's just the way it will be. It's unfortunate that companies don't value their employees like they used to. But the bigger picture and more important thing was that it was paying your bills and affording you to live how you wanted. Plus, you may have just burned a bridge as far as using them as a reference. It's ok to have pride but too much pride will hold you back in life. Pride is also a sin.

I pray that this decision works out for you and you family. God never gives us more than we can handle.