Monday, August 11, 2008

Hilton Sonoma Wine Country

Please, whatever you do, DO NOT EVER give your business to the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa, CA. This is where I had my wedding and it has been the most hectic, problematic event, I have ever had to deal with. The management has a real problem with communication. The day before my wedding I got an email from the "wedding coordinator" stating that I was paid in full and that I had actually over paid a bit, and that after the wedding, we would "settle up!" So then I had the wedding. The ceremony was FABULOUS, and the reception SUCKED! Food was terrible, service was terrible, then the workers stole my gifts! I argue with the managers a bit and they tell me they will make a gesture simply because they want to "Make things right" with me, not because they admit fault! So yesterday I get another email from the manager stating that I owe 1,386 bucks! What the heck???!!! I am so stressed out and do not know what to do! They have truly made my wedding a bad memory.....What do I do???? HELP!


Michelene said...

The ceremony was beautiful. I loved the vows you and Aaron wrote. The recetption did stink. Not because of your planning, but the service and food was pretty bad. I had a couple of exchanges with the coordinator that were unpleasant. your mom and I kept going to find her. Things moved really slow at the beginning, you had to find someone to feed you. The appetizers were outside where anyone who was not at the bar did not know about. To get outside, you had to pass a sweet girl sitting at a table right in front of the door. Lame planning on their part. Yes, the cake, oh man, it was not tasty at all. It looked cute, even with the wrong ribbon.

Oh Britt, you were beautiful. Aaron look big, tough and gorgeous. The kids were perfect! The reception left a lot to live up to the price tag. Las Vegas baby!

Cami said...

Brittany: I am a bit angered reading your post on the service and venue for the reception.

The Hilton staff there seemed to forget that "The Customer is King" in this situation.

You owe money? I would ask for a statement from the hotel, with every expense broken out in line items. At least, you can look it over with a fine eye to see if what they are charging you is legit.

I'm no pro at this, but money is not easy to come by, so I would work hard to make sure you are getting your money back or not being overcharged!

Take a look again at your contract with the venue to see if they are trying to double-charge you, or trying to throw in some "hidden" fees that you never agreed to.

Work it out, girl! If you need help, let me know. :)