Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No more drama!

Do you ever feel that your life is like a soap opera?? I am supposed to be planning the most exciting day of my life. To this point, it has been everything but exciting! For those of you who don't know, I don't really get a long to well with any of my immediate family (except for my brother). My dad, has a terminal illness. Along with that, comes a mental illness filled with rage and spite. He is doing everything in his power to cancel my wedding and I couldn't tell you why if you asked. It is painful for me that I have to parent my parents. My whole life has been a roller coaster. One week everyone gets along, the next day, they hate eachother. Boundaries have been seriously crossed and there is no turning back. How many chances do you HAVE to give someone, simply because they are your parents? All I can say is thank god for faith based counseling. Without that, Aaron and I would be utterly and completely insane. (Well more so than we are now!) Despite all the drama and negativity, I am keeping my head held high! This Saturday is my first bridal shower!! I am soooo excited! My wonderful fiance, along with his fabulous sister and mother are busy putting it together!! I am so lucky to have them. I notice how everyone's blogs are so happy and cheerful....I needed to post a real honest, not so fabulous post...I just needed to vent to anyone who will listen!! Any helpful hints as to how I ignore the negative????


HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

Happy? and Cheerful? Not two words that would always describe my blog. I started it to vent to myself so I may go back and read my feelings at a time whre I could seperate myself from the moment.
My current post is me ignoring my sister trying instigate me to respond to her post that is inadvertantly bashing me and my boyfriend. BUT I am not going to bite. My actions speak louder than words....ANYWAY this is about you now me. I am sorry about your family but honestly, no one's family is perfect. We all have some pretty wacky stories but look what you are marrying into. Looks like you will finally get the love of a family that you were longing for.

The Wittwer Family said...

Im so sorry Brittany. This is suppost to be about you and aaron not everyone else. Keep your head up and you will get through it. I have no doubt that your day wil be amazing. Keep that in mind. Have fun this weekend...yeah for bridal showers. XoXoX

Michelene said...

Britt, You are dealing with this situation beautifully. Keep your focus correct, seek wisdom and DO NOT believe the lies of the enemy. You are supposed to be having fun, now have it! I hope you have so much fun this weekend at your shower. What are you wearing?

C & K said...

hey girl. just think: you will be starting YOUR OWN family in less than 50 days ... so no matter how stressed and sad you may feel, just remember that God would not give you anything that you couldn't handle without His help.

cheer up!! big hugs to you!