Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Shit...literally!

People who have singletons (1 baby instead of 2) don't often realize what us parents of twins go through. Take for instance my experience today during bath time. My kids love bath time and were in the tub splashing and laughing! I usually sing them a song I made up when I wash their body so that they will learn all of their body parts. It usually makes the bath time experience more fun! So anyhoo, I was just about done when they both kept saying "butt" "butt" and laughing...I brushed it off and got each kid out, (one at a time) dried them off and told them to go straight to their room so I could get them dressed. Once we made it to their room, I had Dylan on the ground lotioning him up, putting diaper on, cleaning ears etc. All the while, Brayden is running around in his birthday suit having a gay old time! Not paying much attention to Brayden while I put the finishing touches on Dylan, I look over to see Brayden squatting in the corner taking a poop on my beautiful $300 rug I have in their room! I frantically yell "No no Brayden!" and he just casually walks over hands me his diaper and says "butt yuckkk!" Oy vey...if only I could put two diapers on at the same time, we wouldn't have poop in the corner!


Amanda Hill said...

Oh how I am not looking forward to the craziness! And any mom that can manage twins in my book is considered a super mommy!

Michelene said...

This made me laugh. Ha! I've had kids poop on the rug and I don;t have twins. Lazy mama here with naked babies!