Monday, March 8, 2010

The good bits!

This morning at 4am my crazy 3 month old's decided to scream bloody murder. I got up, warmed up some bottles, hubby and I changed them and fed them, and thought they would quickly fall back asleep. But to our surprise, they wanted to stay up to laugh and talk to each other. They would look at each other and laugh like crazy. My hubby and I couldn't help but play too. Watching your kids laugh is the best feeling ever. When they finally fell asleep, I just stared at them. They are so innocent, so pure...I feel guilty for bringing them into this crazy misguided world we live in. I only hope I will have the tools to lead them the right way. But these are the moments that I feel I have it all!

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Shea said...

Soak it up. Those moments you will miss as they get bigger. Seriously soak it up.