Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A post to simply vent...

As some of you may know, my husband and I have 17% custody of his 5 year old Christian. The court deemed that to be a fair amount. We won't get into all the details but it is fair to say that the California Family Court definitely favors the mother. My husband is a great man, and a great father. He loves his kids more than anything and has fought over and over to get custody of his son but nothing seems to work. Yesterday, Christian's kindergarten teacher tells my husband that at the rate Christian is going, he will not be going to the 1st grade. WTH! Seriously, we are so annoyed. We get Christian for such a small amount of time that we do not want to be spending the entire visit doing home work with him. His mom fought so hard for Christian because he is so "important" to her....so why doesn't she step up her game as a mom? If we had him, things would be different. He would have guidance, structure, order, and consequences. We want him to succeed more than anything. I predict that she will fight to keep Christian from us for all of these years that truly count, and then when he becomes a 15 year old out of control teenager that doesn't adapt well to rules or life in general, will send him to live with us. That is unacceptable to me. The courts need to realize that they are enabling someone to make a paycheck a higher priority than a 5 year old's life.

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