Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scared to be a Momma

Some friends of ours recently had a baby. Every time we go to visit them everyone tries to throw the baby at me. (My husband included). Not literally, but they say I need to practice and so they hand the baby to me. I absolutely 100% DO NOT feel comfortable at all! I feel like I am going to drop her, like her head is going to snap off and fall to the ground! It is inevitable that every time I hold her she screams like she has never screamed before. I instantly try to pawn her off on someone else because who seriously wants to hear a baby scream bloody murder?!?! Aaron is such a show off....he is usually the one who rescues me when she cries, and every time he grabs her she stops crying. He knows just how to hold her and just what noises to make. I know he is good at it because of his prior practice with his own child, but still. I am the woman, I should know what to do. Shouldn't my maternal instincts just kick in? I am 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant today. My boys' will be here within the next 5 weeks and I am scared out of my flippin' mind! Everyone says that I will know what to do when they are my own...but I am not so sure. Any helpful advice to ease my fears???


Mariah said...

Brittany, I was the same way.. my mom=amazing with babies, my sisters, equally so... and me! No way! before having Jacob, babies and I never seemed to get along, and honestly I still get nervous holding other peoples babies b/c I dont want them to cry & they are so precious and small! I dont know what it is, but this fact had *nothing to do with Jacob.. HE was totally different... he fit... he was a part of me and we both knew it... you will be great with your babies, after all they are not everyone else's children, but YOURS, and nothing will fee more like home to them than you.. . we will be praying for a wonderful delivery for you! Love & hugs, mariah

Michelene said...

Love, you will know, but not at first. You will wonder a lot and try a bunch of things. You will wonder if they want a binky, if they are still hungry, wet? Ugh! Thanks goodness your man has experience because two will test you! I will be there the first weekend you are home, if not sooner. I cannot wait. Britt, it is close! love you.

Lacy said...

Don't worry. I thought the same thing before I had Rylie. That baby isn't yours so of course your 'maternal instincts' aren't going to kick in yet. Once YOUR boys are here you'll be amazed at how you just know what to do. These feelings are normal, I went through it too and I was freaked out. I never was baby crazy at all, nor did I EVER feel comfortable holding a newborn. The second I had Rylie it was like something just clicked and I was a mom! You're going to do GREAT once these boys are here. Don't worry!!