Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beer Baby

This is my friends son. He is 2.5. (I will refrain from telling you her name, so she doesnt get embarrassed)! Are pictures like this really bad? I know I have stumbled acrossed a few pics of me as a baby holding a beer! Who else had parents who did this kind of stuff to them?


SheSaidYES said...

Ummm.... Yes I do have one! I'm from the midwest so I'm standing outside with an Old Style (I don't know if people from Cali know what that is. It's beer!) in one hand and the other hand on my hip with pigtails, a sundress, and heart-shaped sunglasses that the Easter bunny brought me!! Lol (the glasses, not the beer!)

--M said...

I remember when I was a little my mom and sister let me try a sip of beer. I HATED it! haha now look at me! ;)